Perkhidmatan Kaunter & Komunikasi Pelanggan | UTM Space | 21hb Mac 2013

Puan Raihan menyampaikan Kursus Perkhidmatan Kaunter & Komunikasi Pelanggan  kepada kakitangan UTM Space pada 21/3/2013, di UTM Training Centre, Skudai, Johor.

882037_474537892595915_320191189_o 883766_474537569262614_446222690_o kursus perkhidmatan kaunter 891814_474537225929315_1056564254_o 892031_474537039262667_1241431730_o 892920_474536885929349_1928248741_o 887153_474536682596036_120194185_o 885177_474536559262715_1787135542_o

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013March 23, 2013

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